When we looked out at the regional conference landscape we saw a gap. Where was the conference for the doers, the bloggers, vloggers, social media mavens, the true digital creators, the ones that see the world a bit differently?

When we found none for our needs, we set out to build a conference.

We reasoned that there were others in our situation and they would value a different sort of conference as well.

This is a conference that the founders ourselves would attend. One where we would learn lots too. A conference that goes beyond introductory fluff. A Content Creators Conference.

As we began to build the conference a manifesto emerged.

Whatever type of digital creator you are you need a regular boost of information and inspiration.

This conference is the fuel for your passion and your creativity, this is at the core of Content Creators Conference.

We bring together creators in their own right to share their experience and insights with you in an info-packed day of sessions.

This is stuff from the front lines in creativity.

Content Creators Conference - For creators. By Creators. 

To your success!

Kristen Daukas & Rob Ainbinder

Ready to fuel your passion?

Join independent creators just like you for an inspiring, info-packed day in Raleigh!

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