How Is Content Creators Conference Different?

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The founders of this conference are bloggers, creators, and veterans of conferences large and small themselves. It’s with this experience as a backdrop that we set out on a mission to develop the Content Creators Conference for you. You might be asking, “So, what makes the Content Creators Conference different?”

That’s a great question. And what follows is our answer.

  1. We don’t waste your time. Other conferences have keynotes, pre-conference sessions, post-conference sessions and “VIP academies”. When we were planning this conference, all of those “extras” felt like a drag away from the core of the conference experience. So, we nixed them. You pay only for relevant information to move your content craft forward. The only extras that are available are a VIP reception the evening before and an optional, on your own, social after the conference. All the other time in-between? That time is packed with relevant, up to date information and inspiration for you. None of the usual conference bloat here.
  2. Our presenters are focused on you the individual content crafter. This is a conference for you, the individual. Our presenters are, for the most part, content creators in their own right. Many of our presenters have years of experience and have built a significant following. We also made sure they know who you are and what many of you are trying to achieve.
  3. Our conference is NOT for the corporate marketing department. Corporate marketing departments are offered an array of conferences with which to choose. Many of them are excellent and serve their market very well. But, this is not for them. They are not the ones who hone their craft over the years and gain their audiences on their own. They are not the dreamers, the visionaries, the doers that you are.
  4. We keep it local & centrally located near a major city. Like you, our free time is limited and our personal budgets are lean. So, we picked the Raleigh area for this conference. It’s accessible by highway and not too long of a drive for most of us. You might even be able to carpool with a friend and share a room.

Ready to increase your content creation efforts and take your creativity to new heights? Register for the conference.

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