Summer Boy Scout Camp, Change is in the Wind and a Venue Announcement

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Announcements, the very word takes me back to summer Boy Scout Camp at Camp Onway in Raymund New Hampshire. I spent one summer session in this idyllic camp along with my Scout brethren. We fell into the rhythms of camp with activities, meals, swimming and some evening time to chill a bit. In the still air of the morning, we all sleepily shuffled over to the dining hall and crammed in shoulder to shoulder for breakfast.

After saying grace, the camp director said the magic word, “Announcements”. And with that utterance, the dining hall erupted with a song sung in unison by all of us in attendance.

So, without further adieu announcements!

First, we have had a date change. The new date: October 20, 2017 – October 21, 2017

Secondly, [drum roll] we have a venue.


The The Hilton Garden Inn in Cary will be the host site for the conference. The hotel has the space we needed and rooms available if you are staying overnight.

Please join us for a full and exciting day with fellow creators!


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