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From working in radio as a Producer/Co-host, Art Eddy didn't think he would be a stay at home dad. Then it happened. He became a father and found himself at home with his daughter. As his second daughter came into the family, Art wanted to share his experiences as a father with the world. He started working for Life of Dad as a writer. Over the years his role at Life of Dad got larger and larger. He started producing and hosting three podcasts, continued writing articles and started to design some creative content for Life of Dad.

From interviewing athletes and celebrities to photoshopping some funny parenthood content Art was really happy with his role at Life of Dad. A few months ago he and the other guys at Life of Dad started to dabble in Facebook Live Shows. Art hosts and produces a few shows each week on the Life of Dad Facebook page as well as his weekly My Life of Dad series posts and the three podcasts. (The Life of Dad Show, The Life of Dad After Show and Nerds, Geeks, Dads.) Art loves all the fun adventures he experiences working for Life of Dad and looks forward to what the future holds for him and his colleagues.

Art has written for Yahoo, Bleacher Report, MANjr., The Good Men Project, and other websites.

Art Eddy, Life of Dad

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